Monday, November 10, 2014

Indiana Vacation - part 2

We learned during our trip that Indiana is a beautiful state. The fall colors are amazing. Indiana also has a lot of cool parks and nature activities.

Our friends took us to Lincoln State Park on our first day there. It has Lincoln's boyhood home. It was nice to walk around and see the home, barn and equipment. We also went to Brown County State Park.

Lincoln State Park

We also went to Spring Mill on our last day. The pioneer village was closed for the season but we walked around the grounds. It would be cool to see when it's staffed. The park was beautiful and was a good size.

Spring Mill State Park

The husband and I decided to check out one of the local caverns. We went to the Bluespring Cavern and took the Myst'ry River Voyage. We have been to a cavern and a cave on previous vacations, but never on a boat tour. It was a nice tour and we saw blind fish, crayfish and a ton of frogs.

Bluespring Cavern

The entrance

We also drove a lot. I am convinced it is state law that every town have a square. The towns were adorable. We saw a lot of small towns with empty buildings. I wondered where everything went. The houses were also great. I like to pester the husband and yell "Architectural Tour" if I see a town square or a historic district.

French Lick

Applacres, although spelled wrong, has lots of cool produce etc, plus popcorn samples that made me eat more. 

One of my favorite building in a square was the hotel for sale in Paoli, Indiana. I could imagine us buying it, living in it, running it and the restaurant, plus two store fronts, if we won the lottery. We figured we would lure in the elderly from the local senior center into the restaurant. We could lure hotel guests away from the pretentious French Lick resort down the road. We could lure skiers that come to town for Paoli Peaks.

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