Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trucks and Rain

The other weekend we went to Monster Jam. The husband and I have gone every year since we met except for last year. I wouldn't have thought I would love Monster trucks before I met the bog lug, but it is so much fun.

It started raining, okay pouring during the freestyle part. We tried to sit through it. You know it's bad when the announcer says to get underneath something. We waited and waited. The husband made the call to head to the car. It is his thing so it is his call. I was good and suffered through being wet to the bone.

The wet masses


It was still fun and he took a lot of great pictures. He is getting to be such a good photographer.

We ended up eating too good last weekend. We went to Renna's Pizza for lunch before the Monster Jam. After we hot Whataburger. The husband loves to go there even more since they closed the one in our town.

Then last Sunday the husband made his first time ever homemade calzones. He even made the dough from scratch. He decided to go with hot italain sausage as the filling (along with the usual richotta cheese and mozzerella cheese). As you can see from the photo he took they overflowed the plate. I had a yummy lunch the l=next day of the leftover. He is such a good cook.

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