Saturday, March 2, 2013

13 in 13 February Update

1. Sell 150 items: 
12 items sold (one still awaiting payment).
The husband found more NASCAR to sell. I need more stock.

2. Weekly Blog Posts: 
Only hit three out of four weeks.

3. Read a Book Per Month: 
None. I am very bad.

4. Track my Food to Lose Weight: 
I haven't been tracking my food.
I finally weighed in. It was higher than last year.

5. Monthly Adventures: 
Monster Jam, Jacksonville, FL


6. Get serious about starting a family: 
I have been trying. Nothing new.

7. Save Money: 
I spent all the paypal money for the husband's new cell phone battery. I have $160 in my savings.

8. Watch More Movies:
7 Psychopaths
Killer Tomatoes Strike Back

9. Improve at Work: 
I have been keeping up with paperwork. Ends up my coworkers aren't. All my clients are happy, except one. His main complaint is medical.

10. Take a Real Vacation: 
No new plans on vacation. Nothing scheduled.

11. Try Something New: 
I really can't think of anything for the shortest month.

12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 
The recycling still hasn't made it out of the yard.
I did buy a trashcan just for the burn barrel that sits in the house.

13. More home improvement: 
Husband made more fixes to the back steps.
He painted my new key holder.
The husband put camo duct tape on the seams of the bedroom wall that I always get my head clunked  on behind the bed.

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