Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finally a Day Off

I have taken a half day off once or twice since our last week off in October, but not a whole day. I have been working my butt off at work. So after nearly getting creamed by a tractor trailer on Thursday morning on my way to work I decided to take all of Friday off. I missed a staff meeting and my group. But boy did I not miss it.

The husband was off work by 9 am. I tried to sleep in but the dogs had another thing in mind, as usual. We mailed off a sold book at the tiny post office near the house. The husband is well known by the lady who works there since I send him to mail things for me a lot now that I work until 5 pm.

Then I remembered that I have that deal for a Mexican restaurant in Gainesville that only works Monday to Friday for lunch, or Monday to Wednesday for dinner. We found the place and the parking lot was full. We decided to use the Sonic Groupon I have. Not dad for saving $5.

Then we went to some Gainesville thrift stores. That is my kind of day off. It felt like it was Saturday. We even found a few things.

This says 1969 and a name on the bottom. 

The husband found another addition to his dream of a home casino,,, card dealer. 

1972 and never played. All parts are in there. 

I found this too entertaining and tons of 1968 Spanish learning fun. 

My third Ungame. The husband says I have a problem. This one is from 1987.

I bough a white, beat up match holder from ebay. The husband cleaned it up and painted it. He always goes above and beyond, This time it was the white trim. 

He put the hole on the side for striking the matches. 

This is my cool chair. The husband thinks I don't need chairs. Someone bought the 4 other ones that are just like this. Crazy folks didn't put in for the 5th. The husband argued that maybe they didn't need five chairs. I say if I am getting 4 I might as well get number 5. 

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