Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Pictures

I was lazy about downloading my phone pictures. So I figured I could put some of the pictures in a post.

The plants that reminded me of the oldest niece. She loved the pic. 

This stocking also reminded me of the niece. 

This is just too cute. 

I resisted the adorable piggy banks.

This paint by number looks better far away and really rough close up. 

Saw this old photograph of Fort Clinch at the Waldo Flea Market. 

Adorable recipe box etc.

This is a cheesy peanut mug at Waldo.

An overprices mannequin head at Waldo. 


I so want this giant 70s doll house. 

We bought these at the flea market. 

My latest 8 track. Yes, it is still an addiction. 

Hoping to find a new home for this unopened (inside) game for gifted children. 

The husband scored this 1974 Risk game. 

My Halloween fridge. 

My Halloween freezer. 

My latest MINI Cooper. 

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