Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Like Her: The Holiday Gift Guide

I saw another blog (
listing their Etsy picks for the season. I thought, Hey that's neat let me give it a try. Then I sat down to come up with some picks and realized, Hey this is way harder than it looks.

So here is my attempt at HolidayGifts:


The first thing I think of when I think of a present for the husband is Mossy Oak Camo. Maybe that is due to the fact that I am in my bedroom and it is completely done in camo. Yes, we have Mossy Oak paneling, blanket, sheets, pillow cases and even a lamp. For the man who has it all, at least it all in Mossy Oak what do you get them? See below: 


Women are tough. It's best  to let them tell you (or subtly hint) at what they want. 

THE ORIGINAL - Evil Eye Ball Ring - SALE

Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Orange


When I think of teens I think of my nieces. They are into all things girly. I dare not get them clothes at their age, so lately I go for decor. 

Hat from WalMart

Zebra print pots


Fisher Price Action Garage

Vintage Fisher Price Farm

Yellow Panasonic TNT 8-track player



My in-laws have about everything they could need. They are difficult to shop for. They don't collect things like they used to. The father in-law has every tool. The mother in-law has every kitchen device. Sometimes we have to get creative. 


I try and give friends something that is individual and lets them know I listen, that I know them. If you are reading a blog to actually get ideas you are doomed. I suggest you go generic. By all your friends the same thing so they don't catch on how bad a friend you are. 


It's tough to find a non-denominational, non-offensive, non-sexual gift for whomever you work with. Keep it simple. I try to keep it work related as well. 

vintage 1980's board game,  The Yuppie Game 1985, money property game, pittsburgh

1971 Shrink Game Image Association Complete

vintage human anatomy - the brain - science geek unisex (gray) MESSENGER / LAPTOP BAG

Freud 8 ball

Good luck on your holiday shopping!

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