Monday, November 12, 2012


It was the week from hell at work. I stayed behind on everything this week and had lots of people with more issues than normal. I never felt like I got a break. Everyone was already stressed about all the changes at work. My plan has been to keep away from the Debbie Downers and focus on work and wait to see what actually happens rather than listen to every rumor.

Two out of 4 dogs trying to look cute and innocent. 

The dogs allowed us to sleep in until 7 am on Saturday. We had no plans and that felt good. The only thing I had to do was mail a sale. We tried to lay in bed buy the dogs think if I am awake I am under their command.

We went to the bed breakfast place in town, Grannies. Cheap, fast and good food. But there was something different about it today. The waitresses were not as quick and on top of things. Something must be going on since they are usually so friendly and helpful.

The husband and I went looking for something to do until the post office opened. We went to the ARC thrift. The husband found some old games. He picked out a 1974 Risk board game. I decided to take my chances on Logi-Sticks - a game for gifted children from 1980. The box was a little more worn than I would have liked, but the inside was still sealed in plastic. How could I go wrong with $1 a game.

We mailed my package and as usual I don't know which box to get at the post office and what is the lowest priced method. I am fine with media mail, but anything else and I am all messed up. Although the post office guy tells me that it was the lowest cost I still think I screw it all up.

The husband started free styling when he saw yard sale signs in town. We wandered some country roads. We passed on the ones that were mostly clothing. We pulled into one that was obviously a closed gift store. We found nothing there. The funniest thing we saw was the item priced $157.99 and also $15.00. The item was worth neither, but we laughed at the higher price.

We stopped at another yard sale that had more tools and I kept telling the husband to get this or that. He ended up getting a metal gas can and a large military type metal box, saying it was all my doing. The guy selling the stuff was funny and kept trying to get the husband to find something to round up the price so he didn't have to get change. I was surprised the husband found more than I did. He kept blaming me, but we all know that if he didn't want it he wouldn't have gotten it. The metal box was cool because he could paint it camo just like most everything else he has.

We wandered by a few other sales that didn't look too good. We ended up going to the Waldo Flea Market. We wandered the booths. We ran into the nice lady who runs the New to You Thrift Store in Starke. The husband always talks to her and shares his many finds with her. She thinks he has his own thrift store. The husband bought another Jimmie Johnson car from her.

The husband was on a roll when we passed the guy selling sheets etc and he hollered out that he had sheets that matched his camp t-shirt. This caught the husband's attention since the bedroom is ALL camo - walls, comforter, lamp, pillow cases and most importantly, the husband's wardrobe. Yes, he has everything camo except socks. So the husband got money out of me to buy the sheets. As soon as we got home he washed & dried them and made the bed. You know he is excited if he is doing housework.

We finally went through the antique store in front of the flea market. It was jam packed with stuff. A wide variety of stuff. Some was reasonably priced and some was way out there. I only bought an 8 track tape (yes, I still buy them occasionally when it is something good or very cheap). It was movie songs from the 1970s. Who can pass on Midnight cowboy.

By then we were worn out from our travels and went home. The husband was able to catch the end of the Gator game. Thank goodness they won or he would be in a depression right now.

Sunday I ended up going through all of my books - for sale online and my own. I still had some that hadn't been listed or that were so old I couldn't find the ISBN. I made piles for ones to unlist, books to use for work, books to possibly make a little library out of and those that need to be listed. I spent Sunday and part of Monday listing. I am worn out.

The Little Free Library is something I saw online that has my interest. I found it here:

I am not sure if a tiny box library in the yard would even be noticed where I live. I am in the woods. Either I can make one or donate the books at work. I have some classics and some that everyone needs to read in their life.

I didn't get any other projects done and there is still two piles of books on the dining room table. I did catch up on my recorded TV shows. I laughed a lot at the comedies that the husband doesn't like:

Modern Family,

The Middle,

The Mindy Project,

Happy Endings,

and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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