Sunday, June 24, 2012

Left behind... Dr. Peter Funny Bunny Wig

I have been randomly photographing what I find interesting and left behind while thrifting. These are from the past month.

This bunny is bigger than it looks, a good 2-3 feet tall. 

The Father's day present for a dentist. 

I was tempted by this doctor's bag, but the price killed it for me. I am not a doctor, but thought it would be funny to carry around with my fake stethoscope and needle from my old Halloween doctor costume. Or carry it to work with psychological tests and books inside. 

Again the price tag killed this sale. i think they wanted $30. But it is a light up funny Family Guy item. 

I can see why  this is not for sale. It is far too cool for even a thrift store to let go. How cute and tiny. 

I have a strange fascination with mannequins and heads with wigs lately. 

This mannequin looks like she has a lot of drama in her life. She sat high atop a rack of clothes. 

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