Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cool Site: Hep Cat Restorations

I read far too many blogs. I read the highlights and ogle the pictures. People who go places I have never been. Individuals who have more craftiness than I could even imagine. People living their dreams.

The find of today is:

This guy has a eclectic home and does his own restorations. I have the utmost respect for that. I have been paging through months and months of posts. Impressive. While his wall decor is mot my style I love his furniture. He does great revamps on all types of things. Even if you aren't into retro/vintage decor you can read this blog for a trip down memory lane.

The blog is by Shane and Mel who are always looking for vintage, retro, atomic etc. They do a great blog with pictures of the restores and the before and afters. Definitely worth a look. 

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