Friday, May 11, 2012

12 in 2012 Update - Overdue

Update #4

Somehow I forgot all about this in April...

1. Lose weight -  I lost 12 pounds, then I gained back a few when I stopped doing the daily calorie counter through the app on the phone. The husband stopped entering his all together. The past week I have been good and ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I haven't weighed in weeks, so lets hope it helped. I do feel pretty good. 

2. Get to selling - Selling on Etsy, and ebay. I have sold 38 items all together since January.  I have had the least sales on etsy (4 I think). Maybe the products aren't wanted, maybe the pictures aren't beautiful or maybe I am just not the etsy type. I ended up lowering my prices like crazy before a good chunk of the items ended their run. Still no more sales. Oh well. I have been seeing a lot of 8 tracks and some books. I am taking the paypal money and using that for the vacation money for next month's trip. 

3. Pay off my mom - Still sending in payments. My other family members haven't sent any money in. The funeral home hasn't credited me two months of payments. When I called they were indifferent. I wrote a letter to send asking for this to be resolved and stating when the checks cleared. My mom won't be paid off by next month for her one year anniversary/our trip up north as I was hoping. I will keep plugging along paying her off. 

4. Put down flooring - We are now up to 4 rooms with flooring. The husband just finished putting down the peel and stick tile we bought for my house in the second bathroom. The nephew is coming to stay with us and he gets his own bathroom. It looks very nice in there now. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - Ok, haven't painted it yet. But the husband keeps bringing home reduced/returned paint. I have 4 cans waiting for us. The bedroom will most likely be half grey and half azure. 

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - The kitchen just needs to have the cabinets moved, everything cleaned off and smothered in paint. The husband found the bright blue paint for $5. I just need to get the white paint. I better start looking for sales since after vacation we should be painting for days straight. 

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - With the nephew arriving the husband cleaned out the bathroom. It is completed and looking awesome. 

8. Green it up - I think I can count this as completed. What the heck. I have three plants in the kitchen by the window and a bathtub planter outside with tons of sprouting wildflowers. If I come across space to put them or something cheap to hang them in I will get some more plants. 

9. Take care of the finances - I made the last payment on the main bill I have been working on for a year. I will count this one as completed because this payment will mean that other payments will be taken care of. I also finally applied for the loan forgiveness. Since I work in an area that meets qualification for a loan payoff program I could possibly be approved for all of my student loans to be paid off if I work where I already am for another two years. I could do that standing on my head (I hope). 

10. Do more, compute less - I am still on the computer too much. I read three books according to my last update. Definitely need more reading. We are still playing games once a week with the in-laws. We found some more old games at the thrift store to add to the pile of games that are almost to the ceiling. Poker Bingo was fun. 

11. Downsize - I have another box full of things to give away and this weekend the organization we wanted to give to are having a sale. So we can drop it off this weekend. Yeah!! Plus with the nephew coming we had to clean out most of what was in the 2nd bedroom. He gets the room, minus the shelves filled with cars and what not. We stuffed a lot into the closet until we can find a place for them or get more storage containers to go into the shed. 

12. Sew something - I sewed the first pile of darning. Now I have 2 shirts and a pair of pants that need a button. This one will keep going I am sure. I also put all the fabric and sewing stuff into a cool storage box so they are nice and organized. 

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