Monday, May 28, 2012

Boys and Games

It has been a couple weeks since I last posted and I have been thinking about it. The week before last we drove to North Carolina and that wiped us out for the weekend. So this weekend we wanted to do something fun. And the nephew said he wanted to go thrifting. Not that I am complaining since it has been a while. They overrode my idea to go to a festival. The boys are not big on festivals. I like free stuff and I like to look at stuff and people so festivals are a good match for me.

So we went by the retirement community estate sale, but they were closing up. That was a wash out. We went to their Resale store and the husband got a deck of cards. The nephew wasn’t as interested in the elderly as I am. They are cute, drive golf carts all around their community and they hang around the thrift store drinking coffee. I can’t wait until Christmas so I can score cool ornaments for pocket change.

We went to the big city of Jacksonville to get some thrifting in. The first couple stops were a bust. We went to a little store that didn’t come up on my map. The husband found a giant pencil. He said it I more his size. We also found the card game Flinch. The game was from 1963. We are really on an old game roll these days. We also found a linen map of Ireland. Not sure where we will put that. Maybe on the wall of stitch.

The next stop the husband and nephew found nothing. I bought a book and a lamb planter. Yet again I think that reading blogs is influencing my purchases. The three plants in the kitchen are still alive. I am getting a greener thumb. 

Then we went to MKB. The nephew finally liked a thrift store I dragged him to. He found a clicker counter and a clock. I scored a bread box. I have been wanting one. I couldn’t pass it up… $5. The husband found a roulette wheel (he plans on taking over his parents’ extra bedroom and making it a casino. He also found Gatoroploy for $4. That thrift is cool because it has a little of everything and you have to dig and look everywhere to find the gems.

I need to take more pictures. The husband took the wire that connects the phone to the computer. I need a before and after for this bread box. The husband is cleaning it up for me. So excited!

We also found where exactly the Goodwill Pound Store (aka Outlet) is located. Unfortunately it was closed. I noted the hours and the address so we can return on a specific trip there.

He husband made us go to Whataburger for lunch since the one near us closed down. We came home and played Flinch, which is actually pretty neat. We broke out the UNO Spin and tried our best to team up on the nephew. Finally game nights at the house. 

While out I saw some interesting things...

Angry Bunny. Maybe because he is sitting on a toilet. 

The had top and bottoms. I had to take the bottom picture. I didn't check the price. This could have been painted and made into yard art. 

I was mesmerized by the owl eyes. This was a huge picture. Someone needs to take this home. It was like $8. 

Raggedy Ann's Grandma. She cracks me up. 

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