Sunday, July 17, 2011

Have I mentioned my new obsession?

I have been nesting for the past year, ever since we moved to the house. I went from reading about home design and decorating online (and finding out somewhere I picked up a mid century modern preference)to thrifting. I have been an occasional shopper at Goodwill and Salvation Army, as well as a donator.

I have had an interest in the Habitat Restore since it was so close to the old house. Months back I found bright blue commercial composite floor tile for $15 a box for my future kitchen remodel and have been searching for more flooring. A trip to a Charlotte NC Habitat Restore found the same tiles for $30 a box. I was appalled. After such a deal there was no going back for me. They had a zillion color choices, but the deal wasn't there. I had to go all the way to the Habitat Restore in Jacksonville, FL for $18 a box pale green tile that will soon cover my sage green living room. I also found that the Jacksonville Restore has kitchen cabinets, even whole kitchen sets. I know where I want to go when I go to purchase cabinets.

I also found a amber swag light at the Restore. It was so 60s/70s I just had to have it for my living room. The husband rewired it for me. It takes a grand place in my living room with its long chain cord.

(not actual light, but similar)

At the same store I thought I had found a $2 car 8 track player. Ended up I must have seen what I wanted to see and it is just an am/fm tape player. It is still an awesome deal.

Now when we are riding around on the weekend I use the phone GPS and find any thrift or Restores in the area. Some weekends I wish we drove a large vehicle so I could get more stuff. Mainly we look. My sister in law came to visit the other weekend and we spent all day Saturday going to every thrift store we could find on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville. We decided that the best deals was at the domestic violence shelter, Hubbard House's thrift store. I knew it would be good when the sign out front said 50% off. Oh yeah, we found the most stuff there. The husband surprised me with a practice putting green to help me with the backyard mini golf course I am planning.

What I have learned since being thrift crazy these months is that I am still more of a looker than a buyer. The husband likes a deal, but isn't into looking at housewares and decor. My father in law has gone out with us several times. Although he is an long time thrift store shopper, he doesn't buy things. The husband likes the drive and spending time with us. I like the hunt. I like to check out the stores and deciding if they are worthy of another visit.

The problem is that most areas have at least a few thrift stores. Within a couple hours from us are a lot of cities. This may be a dangerous hobby. But rather than just drive and see the sites through the car window as we have done for years, now we have stops and searches for locations that may not be there. The GPS lady is notorious for sending us on goose chases.

Other things I have learned is that there are a buttload of people who write blogs about thrifting. Some are quite entertaining and I already have some favorites. Most are repetitive. As in, how many people can there possibly be that are obsessed with Pyrex? I have yet to notice a Pyrex anything at a store. There are people who are on a quest to make their whole home look like it came out of the 950s/60s and/or 70s. People who dress the dress, walk the walk and talk the talk. Many of these folks also sell on Esty, Ebay and/or Craigslist. I don't have this type of determination or focus.

Occasionally I pick things up that I wouldn't normally, but obviously the sites I read have gotten into my head. So I need to refocus and remind myself on what my objective is. The husband thinks I have an obsession with electronics since I brought home the car radio/tape player, a console with record player/radio, clock radio and a school slide viewer. I have pondered this and yes, I do like an old school working electronic. Yet it also is about finding things that remind me of my youth. Growing up my parents decorated the house in antiques, early century antiques. In my own way I am decorating in antiques, but more of a 50 years old or less version. Also, I think the stuff just looks cool.

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