Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drop it like it's hot...

(Not actual ceiling, but dang close)

Last week we spent all day and night putting up a drop ceiling. I know, everyone does that on their weekends these days. We live in an old double wide trailer. The previous owner did a lot of things to the house. I am not sure what and if any of it was any good. But he was a contractor. For some reason only the living room and dining room had vaulted ceilings. Between the ceiling and the tin roof there isn’t much of anything. The roof could literally fry bacon. We have fans all over the house and an old AC unit. We are still sweltering and many times it is cooler outside than inside.

We have talked about drop ceilings for the past year. Then last month the husband found ceiling tiles for $5 a box. Yes, you heard me, Five Dollars. The boxes regularly sell for fifty some dollars a box of 16 tiles. These tiles weren’t selling and the store lowered and lowered and lowered the price the longer they sat. The tiles were waiting to come home to live with us.

About a year back the husband saw the ceiling braces for a great deal at the Habitat Restore. He didn’t get them then since we weren’t ready for the project. Now the Restore sold them all 3 weeks before we checked back on them. We paid full price for the braces etc but it was still a deal.

The ceiling looks like the house came with it. I don’t even feel boxed in like I worried I might. The ceiling fans are doing a better job since they don’t have to fight the wasted space above them. Yet the extremely hot weather this summer makes it remain in the 80s inside the house. The husband is peeved since he thought it would be more comfortable. The next step will be insulation above the drop ceiling. After that the plan is to save our pennies for a new AC.

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