Thursday, September 15, 2011


A couple weeks ago I got a new cell phone company and of course a new phone. I have always been behind the times when it comes to phones. Even when I worked for a cell phone company and could pick any phone I tended for the ones that were getting out of date or no where close to popular. Yet when someone had a question about how to do something on a prepaid phone they sure came to me.

My last phone was my first cell phone with a camera. I thought I was so big time 2 years ago. Never mind that most people had that feature for years. The husband has always been more technologically advanced. Yes, it took years to pry the Nextel Direct Connect from his hands. Yes, he got a Blackberry after many had been there, done that. Yet the husband has always had a way with figuring out phones. The Blackberry became his arch nemesis when he went through 7 in two years. He regularly increased his blood pressure by calling customer service. He was often transferred to another rep and one a few occasions hung up on. He was definitely ready for a new phone.

He went to the store and the guy knew the phone for him was the Casio Commando. The phone looks like the husband. Anything ringed in rubber for extra abuse is perfect for him.

I figured as long as the deal was good I would get me a fancy phone. I have been on a Samsung kick for years. They have been working for me. My last one had a slide out keyboard and an occasional problem with locking up. I chose the Samsung Fascinate.

Verizon Samsung Fascinate Smartphone Preview Picture Front Body with Touchscreen Feature

When I got it I had no idea how to even turn it on. After the husband gave me the high tech tutorial I was on my way to the 21st century. I was downloading apps and figuring out how to use the touch screen. My mother in-law says I am "appy." 

I saw a lady at a store with the barcode scanner. Obviously that was one of my first downloads. I go around the house scanning things to check the online prices. The other night I downloaded an app that scans my books. I was worn out scanning every one of them with a barcode. I realized just how many old books I have that I couldn't look up. I am not sure how my eclectic collection of books would stand up to some people's, but they should make an app for that. 

The husband downloaded Angry Birds (or as he calls it, killing pigs) and I have been picking on him about it ever since. He has been playing it nonstop for days. I think it is a real addiction. I am thinking of looking into a AA type support group to get him off of it. 

I got really silly and downloaded a ghost detector. So far I only found one ghost at the in-laws house. I find it strange that none are at my house. Maybe the overly barking dogs who live with me scare ghosts off. 

The husband jokes that I download more apps than he does. Maybe I am appy. 

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