Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Blah Weekend

The only thing we planned to do this weekend was mow the yard. A few hours into Saturday morning it was done. The first mow with the new riding mower. That thing is sweet. I did like the bucking of the borrowed mower on takeoff, but the new mower puts that old one to shame. The new mower can cut anything. The only thing it chugs through is the areas heavy with leaves and acorns.

We cooled down, ate lunch and pondered what to do with the rest of the day. We took off toward the college town and wandered. I read a story rom Marjorie Keenan Rawlings book Cross Creek to the husband while we passed through. I was trying not to send him towards thrift stores for once, but with no destination in mind we had no other choice.

We checked out what was posted on the Domestic Violence shelter’s site as their thrift store. The sign said Consignment shop. We went in leerily. We found it girly and retail priced. Nothing there for us. I saw some of the owl themed merchandise I see so much on the thrift and retro blogs.

Then we tried the Humane Society thrift store. It was right behind the adoption center. It was better than the consignment shop, but we still found nothing that struck us. I was hoping, but I didn’t feel the vibe that something good was awaiting us. I am utterly disappointed in most of what I have seen in Gainesville. The Hospice Thrift Store is the only one I would go back to.

We discussed how when we drove through Micanopy and saw it was mainly antique stores how the husband has no interest in those stores. I must agree. I go into an antique store and rarely see anything I like, let alone something I would buy. I want to know it’s a good store before I venture. I guess I would be more open to it is the husband was willing. So far he puts up with the thrift store trend. Plus he find just as much as I do in them.

We wandered home and watched TV.

Today we slept late and the husband cooked a good breakfast. We had no idea what we wanted to do. I showed and dressed. We headed out to free style. The husband had been sniffling. We ate lunch, and then went on our way to nowhere. We tried the Goodwill in town thinking it was closed on Sundays. We found it open with a handful of customers. He found a 99 cent tennis racket. I found a book on Freud and women which I passed on. I figured it would be a boring read. I will just talk to my Freudian ex-supervisor for the topic of roles.

We drove around the quiet country roads talking about how I felt blah and he felt drained from his cold or whatever it is he has. Driving around didn’t hold the fun that it usually does for him. He decided to go home and rest. I decided to go online and live vicariously through others’ blogs. We both agreed that we needed to have something planned for next weekend.

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