Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Christmas Parade Float - The Beginning

I am finally working on a crazy idea I had a while back. We are creating our own Christmas parade float.


I have had the idea for a while. I just think it is so cool to watch a parade and started wondering what it would be like to be in a parade and that led to creating a float.


The local Christmas parade is free to enter. We watched the parade last year and thought we could definitely do this.

I put out feelers for any friends who wanted to help out or be on the float. No serious takers.

The husband and the father in-law have been on board for the preparation. The husband came up with the design once we found out the theme. I must admit is it very creative and sticks completely with the theme. Last year's floats did not stick with the theme. The husband is playing to win in the competition.


Some amazing things have already happened in our quest for parts to the float. The weekend following when we found out the theme the husband designed the float. The next day we went thrifting and found the majority of the parts. It all just came together. Last weekend we went in search of a few more parts. The local thrift just gave us the parts after we dropped off our donation. They told us they are doing a float too. I can't wait to see theirs.


Now we only have a couple little things for the float. The husband already put together a few parts. I have to hot glue some things. Then in a couple weeks we put together the main parts. Then a couple days before we put the lights on the float. It should all come together in time and without a rush, hopefully.


I don't feel like I contributed much to the design, but I will help with putting it together. The husband and father in-law are very handy. For them I hope we win something. I will be happy if it goes of without a hitch. 


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see your float! :) I was in one parade but it was a backwoods country parade where half of the people in the parade were just riding their lawnmowers. I was on a disco float. I'd love to be in an honest to goodness real big parade though.

    1. Where I live is not much more sophisticated than lawnmowers. I hope we get our truck running so the float happens. Or else I can just decorate it and leave it in the yard. Thanks for the inspiration. If all goes well maybe a bigger parade next year!