Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jeeptoberfest 2013

On 10/26/13 Ocala, Florida had not one but two HUGE car shows. 

The husband traded a car for a Jeep a few weeks back. When he heard there was Jeeptoberfest he had to go. 

We took along the father in-law and started out at 7 am to get in both shows. It was $5 to get in without a Jeep. The husband and his dad picked up tons of free swag. They were giving away stickers, koozies and imforation and key chains. I took pictures. We watched people drive through the courses. It was a ton of fun. 

They reported after the festival that over 1200 Jeeps came. The husband kept walking around telling people about his 1976 CJ-5 and how he was going to be in the Jeeptoberfest next year. 

Here is the first half of the day at Jeeptoberfest: 

I love this color. 

The husband loves a vehicle he has to climb into. 

The wetest part of the course. 

I like the color scheme. 

The tougher course had hills and rocks. 

This one looks fun for camping. 

This man restored a 1946 Jeep Willys starting when he was 12. 



The camo Jeep helped pull Jeeps out when they were stuck on the course. 

Rock climbing

That looks like fun. 

They look good all lined up. 

There's that Renegade again. 

Jeep Wagoneer that the husband had years ago. 


  1. Such a nice photos! I like it! : )

    1. It was fun just to watch. Next year we hope to take the Jeep on the course.