Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation Week Finale

After having internet issues the last couple weeks maybe I can finish my vacation posts. We finally bought the mobile internet option our cell phone company has today. We will be cancelling the satellite internet that is slow and doesn't work consistently.



We went to the Webster Flea Market in Webster, Florida. What a disappointment. It was like a dollar store spread out. I had read their web site and a couple reviews prior to the trip, so I figured a flea market that is only open on Mondays may be interesting. Plus the only time we could go is when on vacation. I was very let down, but I had to check it out to know.



We went to Jacksonville. We had a coupon for Dave & Busters. On the way there we hit a Goodwill. Then I remembered the Jacksonville Fire Museum. We haven't been there and it is on our list of places to see.


The effect of the great fire of 1901

the building exterior

It is located on the same road as the football and baseball stadium. It is inside an old fire station. After going to the Memphis Fire Museum everything else seems small. This is a small but packed building. I think children and adults would enjoy seeing all the items and learning about how the great fire affected Jacksonville. It is a free museum that accepts donations. 

Then we went to Whataburger for lunch. The husband misses the Whataburger near the house since it closed so we go there when we are close to one. He loves a big burger. 

Then we made it to Dave & Busters. I love the basketball shooting game. It is one of the few things I can beat the husband at. After a while a guy came up and gave the husband an unlimited game card. We were already using a half price deal for D&B but I never pass down free. Sp we used the rest of our credits for the ticket producing games and the free games for things we don't always play. I played almost everything. We had so much fun. It made up for the disappointing Monday. 


I almost didn't go camping because one of the dogs had been sick. We ended up taking him to the in-laws house and they were going to check on the other dogs and cats at home while we were gone.

We went to the panhandle. The plan was to drive west, camp and go to the cavern in the morning.

We stopped at the Tallahassee Auto Museum on the way. It is a huge building filled with mainly antique cars on the first floor. But they had a lot more than that - pianos, motorcycles, boat motors, cash registers, case knives, toy cars, and on and on. White it wasn't worth the entry fee of $__ it was somewhere we haven't been to. Plus we learned a Bass Pro Shop is coming to Tallahassee. The husband loves that store. The only other somewhat close stores are in Orlando and Savannah.

My favorite

We stayed at the Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida. There was no water in Florida’s highest waterfall. We were drenched when walking down into the sinkhole. We camped in the tent. which was a little damp. The park is very cute, clean and the people were very friendly. It was only $20 to camp with electricity. They had a decent bath house. 

Our little tent

The sinkhole from above

We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows in the drizzle. I was able to use my $3 Bass pro Shop poncho after I was drenched. We joked about the experience since the other time we camped it rained too. 


 We went to the Florida Cavern State Park as soon as we were up. We made the first tour of the day, It was AWESOME! I have been wanting to go to a cavern since I've never been. Then I found out that Florida had a cavern. Of course it made the vacation week list. A co-worker went when he was 10 and still has the Tshirt. Ironically they still sell the same Tshirt. 

The tour is $8 for adults. There were a few children in our group of around 20 people. The guide was very knowledgeable. You could tell her is very into the job and caves/caverns. He was so fun. He told us you can request a night tour that uses only flashlights. I must do that one day.

It was so neat to see all the rooms and the formations. Photos do not do justice for them. The husband took all the pictures. He is a great photographer and is always trying different angles.

Normally the tour is 45 minutes. Ours was about an hour and a half. It was definitely worth the trip.

After we drove through the cute, yet small town of Marianna, Florida we decided to take highway 90 back home. We found a couple thrift stores. The husband nearly bought another stereo/8 track player. Then a man decided to try and haggle. He was so obnoxious. It made me think of the post Thrift Core on Thrift Store Reseller Hatred. The man even said he was going to resell it. I see what they mean about some people ruining it for everyone. I mainly buy for myself, but I resell some. Since I only dabble in resale I am not always looking for items and I definitely wouldn't be obnoxious. If I find a deal that's fine. I do not want to scream out what I am planning to do with the item.

We had a rainy but leisurely drive back home. It was a wet but lovely trip. 


We were bums. We stayed home. 


 We slept in and went to Gainesville. We hit a few thrifts. We ate at Sweet Mel’s again. I had the Guido which has fried cheese half moons on it. Yummy! Definitely one of our favorite burger places. 



Chores and Nascar as usual. Winding down and preparing ourselves for returning to work. Ah, another vacation over.

We decided our next vacation would be in October after our 5th anniversary. We put in for it already since he has to ask at least a month ahead and my jobs is going through transition so I better put dibs on it before the switch over to the other company. Hmmm, where to go?

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