Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mess & Mow - Vacation's First Weekend

This week was leading up to our first vacation of the year. I think I have only taken a day off since January. Too much work! We need the break. The husband was getting fed up with work. I know I was getting crankier too.

Just like last June’s vacation we are staycationing. Last year I had a bunch of Groupons to keep us busy. This year I found a few places we have never been that we will check out on day trips. One overnight is planned for camping. With the dogs, cats and new kittens it is tough to get someone to watch them. Usually it’s the father in-law and lately the nephew. He started working so it gets tough to work around his schedule and how he says he needs 10 hours a day of sleep. 

In the first two days of vacation we have managed to get some stuff accomplished at home. The husband dragged his feet on mowing. Once the dogs have to make paths to get back to the house I know it’s been too long. I was surprised Friday when I got home with him mowing. I finished the mowing on Saturday morning.

We also took a trip to the dump. I will not say how long it has been since he took trash, but it has been way too long. We have a “trash trailer” we put the bag trash in until we hook it up to the pickup to take to the dump. I am still amazed with all the recycling we have and the paper products we burn, how little trash we actually accumulate.

The bad part is that the recycling at the dump no longer has glass recycling. Now I am trying to figure out where to take our glass. We don’t buy much that comes in glass, but I have a recycling container full of glass. I checked the website for our county and they don’t have glass listed. I may need to ask around or check the other dump sites. We just go to the one closest to the house.

Saturday I also planned more in my bathtub planter. I still haven’t added to the wheelbarrow planter. Thank goodness the house and porch plants are mainly doing well. I out the one that looks like a pineapple top outside and it did not like all that sun.

Saturday night we took the in-laws out to dinner to Betty’s Pizza. The mother in-law did not like the calzone. I loved my Stromboli. The husband didn’t eat lunch so he ate two dinners. Yes, he has done eating contests and won. It was a nice night with the family.

Sunday the husband and I went to the Waldo Flea Market. He found a container and 296 photo slides for me and he paid for it! It has lots of great stuff – purchased slides from a cavern & of JFK’s funeral, to trip slides to a wedding to stuff around the house. They say 60s and 70s. I love them. We rarely see slides and I have that cool slide projector and hardly any slides. Somehow I have 4 slide holder containers and not enough slides.

We also went to the antique store but found nothing that interested us to purchase. We like to look around and comment. Antique stores are like museums the husband says. I like to look and he doesn’t complain.

The other big news today is our old phones selling on ebay. I usually donate my old phones to domestic violence shelters. These phones are only 2 years or less so we figured we could possibly make some money to cover what we paid for the new phones. Well, the bidding ends today and we made more than we spent on the new phones. The husband was so funny watching them every day and doing a countdown to the end of the bidding. They both sold for more than we expected. I even added in my “terminal loop” dead phone in case they wanted a parts phone.

I am excited about going to new places…. Like a flea market, state parks and possibly some other Florida touristy places we haven’t been to before. 

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