Sunday, August 26, 2012

High Seas Adventure

This week's adventure was something the husband and father in-law have been wanting to go to for a little while. I found one of those online coupons for the casino cruise in Jacksonville. While I am not a gambler, the husband and his mom are into it. I am up for adventure and I have never been on a casino cruise.

The husband tried to keep it a surprise for his mother. She is not one for any surprises. I swear she used torture techniques to get it out of me. We planned to go on a pay week. Luckily the husband had overtime money.

We got to the cruise very early. The in-laws are ones to always be super early. Unfortunately my phone battery died so early in the day that I have no pictures. The location and office of the cruise looked rather run down. When they finally were allowing boarding they still weren't set up. They made us walk back down the gangplank to go through the ID check and shakedown. I felt like I was at work.

I was starting to think I would be the youngest one on the cruise after seeing the handful of regulars coming by us. Then the rest of the people showed and the ages ranged a little more. Most of the people seemed to know the routine. We walked around the 3 levels - a smoking deck & non-smoking deck with slots and gaming table, as well as a top deck was for seeing the sites.

There was a lot of rocking on the boat and when we got out to the ocean it was worse. A lot of people were wiped out. The mother in-law was sick the rest of the trip. She was able to work the slots for a while.

The husband was winning and then lost it all again on the slots. I went a while on my low threshold of spending. Then I lost it all and quit. The husband was good and didn't spend all the money he brought for the trip.

My favorite part was being on the water. It was very relaxing. I haven't been out on the ocean in decades. The river was a lot calmer and there were the houses and parts along the way to the ocean to look at. It was a long 5 hours though. We all decided that if we go to a casino next time it will be on land.

After the cruise we got pizza. We decided to try a different location of our favorite pizza place - Renna's Pizza. We went to the one in the River City Marketplace, which is northwest of the river. I don't think I have been to that area in a long time. They have a ton of stores and places to eat. We got the usual white pizza and a sausage pizza. Everyone said it was even better than the Orange Park location we usually take the trip to in order to get something close to New York pizza. Something about the way they used more oil on the pizzas and spread out the ricotta cheese. Yum! It was even farther from the house, but dang it was good. We so need a location way out in the woods where we live. We only have the chain junk and not even a Papa Johns. 

While driving through the parking lot on our way to our next stop I spotted two large dogs in the hatchback of a small car that had no open windows and the dogs were panting. The husband put on the super hero cape, found a security guy and showed him where the dogs were. Even though it has been a little cooler in Florida it is still hot and per the mother in-law it is illegal to leave a dog in a car like that. We all felt better knowing the dogs were getting help. 

We then went to our favorite home improvement spot - Lowe's. While the husband and his dad went in search for their stuff, the mother in-law and I scoured the garden department. I have been wanting a plant for my macrame plant hanger. I still didn't want to spend $10 on a hanging potted plant. Although I had the type down to a fern or a spider plant I just couldn't make my mind justify a $10 plant. So we went to my favorite section, clearance. I found two small .75 plants that I can grow and then find a hanging pot at a thrift store or yard sale to put in the macrame hanger. I also bought a bigger plant that was just over $2. I needed a plant for my latest planter from the other week. 

I also got the brushes and rollers for next week's planned painting session. I have been driving the husband bonkers with the talk of painting the second bedroom and bathroom. We have accumulated 5 gallons of paint from all the reduced paint he has been bringing home in the last 6 months. I dug through the pile today to figure out what colors the rooms will be. 

I put aside the blue and green for the future kitchen redo project. That left a light blue, a blue green and a light green. Now to figure out how to use 3 gallons on two rooms. Thank goodness they are small. I have no idea how many gallons it will take. The husband now ignores me when I talk about painting. 

Today I have been feeling icky. The husband slept all day. I did laundry and replanted plants in different containers and not much else. Don't know where the day goes. Oh yeah, I watch a lot of TV and read blogs. 

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