Sunday, August 19, 2012


This weekend we never left our little town. It is the off week for paydays and we didn't want to be completely broke by Friday. Plus I am trying to do the "pay yourself first" deal and keep the money in savings. The husband wasn't feeling like roaming this weekend anyway. He said he was blah. He thinks we are in a rut. I disagreed. We had a great weekend last week and had lots of fun.

We talked about how unexpected financial stuff came up this week. I had two vehicles break down on me. The pickup I usually just drive between home and work dropped its muffler. The husband did a quick fix months back. My father in-law fixed it and it didn't cost a thing. I ended up taking the day off when the muffler dropped. The in-laws and I went way out in the country to buy a sliding back window for the pickup that the husband has been wanting to put in. That was $50. Then the father in-law said the husband never paid him for the alternator in the pickup from weeks back. Another $100 that I paid. Now the husband owes me $100 of that.

The Friday on the way home from work the other car just died. It might be the fuel pump. Since the truck is fixed I am not worried about that car. It is just a spare that the husband repossessed from his sister months back. He hasn't been trying to hard to sell it. The in-laws neighbor might be buying it. I will leave it up to the husband to put the money out for the car.

Since we didn't wander the countryside this weekend we ended up hanging at the in-laws Saturday afternoon. The boys played with the tractor. They were filling in holes from the well people. The in-laws finally got their new well done and are adjusting to having clogged up water lines and more water pressure.

We did go to one Thrift store in town. Well, the town is actually filled with thrifts. Last count is 10 and one consignment shop. That is a lot, but it is tough to find anything. We went to one that we have had luck at before. They everything on sale. Something about trying to move out inventory to bring in new stuff. We found a wall hanging for the second bedroom car theme, a bear for the husband's master bedroom camo/forest theme and I found a small terrier planter.

(Except mine has no color on it.)

Now my menagerie of planters is up to four. Before long they will need a new location since the kitchen window is small. I think I will keep the new terrier white. I had the husband paint another planter that has been laying around for a while. A couple plants are getting so big they need to move into a larger home. 

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