Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Heart Family

It has been an interesting week. I was out for a couple days after the father in-law went in the hospital due to a heart attack. The family appreciated me being there. My mother in-law doesn't drive and the husband doesn't have time off. Luckily the father in-law was treated well at the hospital, had a couple stints put in and is back to his old self, just no salt or heavy lifting. The thing is he is the hub of the whole family. He is also my husband's best friend. We already spend as much time as we can with the in-laws. Since I don't have parents or any family for hundreds of miles they are our whole family. We live here because of them. We know that since they are older we have to appreciate the time we have with them.

I am fortunate that my in-laws love me. I was totally spoiled on out anniversary when I wanted for dinner and a super fancy cake (we didn't have cake when we were married, so that is my main interest on anniversaries). I think my in-laws are great too. My mother in-law is a great cook and we actually have a few things in common (therefore why the husband married me). My father in-law knows how to fix anything. He is also a huge character. Every time we have dinner over there I sit at the table afterwards while he tells me stories. He has a zillion of them.

(the magazine version; the mother in-law's version)

So it really hit us how easily we could lose the father in-law. Him too. Although he will recommend the hospital to anyone who will listen he really isn't ready to go. So there are plenty of changes to diet and he will slow down. He was building a car port the day of the heart attack.

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