Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years

I haven't said much about this date in any other social media. There is such an influx online, on TV, in  the newspapers. The husband ought a flag that has the names of every victim in the stripes. I remember where I was when I heard of the tragedy, I worked nights, so I woke up, turned on the TV and saw what looked like a movie playing out in front of me. I woke up the ex to tell him about the insanity on TV. I went to work that night and it was the only time they brought out televisions. Another thing that I remember was that the month before I read about someone named Bin Laden. I had never heard of him. A British reporter interviewed him. He stated that he had something planned. At that point in time it sounded like Snidely Whiplash from Rocky & Bullwinkle twisting his mustache as he spoke the threat. After 9/11 I tried to find that article, but never could.

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