Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vacation 2014 - Day 1

We decided to leave on Sunday since our weekend plans changed the week before. We like to travel during week days to avoid crowds and traffic. We woke early on Sunday and threw our bags into the car. The husband decided to go through Helen, Georgia since that was a place on my list to check out.

Helen, Georgia regards itself as an Alpine Village. The buildings are all the classic German style. It is adorable. It is very touristy. I had never been there before. The husband had passed through years ago. We looked in a few stores. It was lunch time, so the husband randomly chose a restaurant. He picked the Old Heidelburg restaurant. It was one of those "while in a German town" things.

We were thrown when we saw the prices. Then we figured it was a tourist place and we were on vacation. We ordered the cheaper meal - Bratwurst. We also ordered a giant pretzel appetizer. Since I am not a reviewer I will cut to the chase - it took forever, it was over priced and the service sucked. Also the online reviews are poor.

My though 20 minutes in to leave the money for the drinks was probably a good idea. The husband complained and got money taken off the bill. New rule - check prices first.

We had fun watching people tube down the river. I think I would pass through there again.

We meandered up to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

I scored a T-shirt and a magnet right off. I realized I had been here before during a trip to Pigeon Forge years ago. The husband had been to Cades Cove years ago. We ended up driving over 5 hours through the park. It is HUGE. It is also beautiful. Cades Cove was worth the trip - lots of buildings and wildlife. We saw several animals and great scenary.

I got most excited when it started getting dark and I saw fireflies. I haven't seen fireflies since I was a kid. They don't have them in Florida. It's such a shame because they are so magical. I think I got most excited by seeing so many lighting up as we drove.

We ended up eating a very late dinner at Waffle House and finding a motel. We crashed out from a day that started at 5 am.


  1. Fireflies!! I'm convinced to visit Georgia as soon as possible, too short of a drive away and I'm loving all you've described here from your vacation.

  2. You need to go Van. There is such a difference in nature in just a short drive to Georgia!