Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vacation 2014 - Day 2

The husband was told to check out Joey's Pancakes when going to Maggie Valley, North Carolina. It was not a disappointment. Even though it was a Monday morning people were waiting. We lucked out and waited maybe 10 minutes. The waitress was peppy and friendly. The husband had country ham, eggs etc. I had an Tuscan omelet. It was all so good. definitely going back next trip there.

Then we went to one of the planned points of interest... Wheels Through Time.

I found a Groupon for this museum a few weeks back. I jumped on it. The museum has a $12 entrance fee, but I always love saving. It was perfect for my now motorcycle obsessed husband. February he finally bought his first motorcycle, the Harley that he has wanted since he was a kid. So a museum filled with motorcycles and they all run, how could I not go there.

The museum is so well put together. There is something everywhere. Lots to look at and not too much reading. The man who runs the museum has a TV show - What's in the Barn? It's on the Discovery Velocity Channel. We don't get that channel, but we are checking into it.

The people working at the museum are so friendly and helpful. They will tell you about the exhibits and are there for questions. The husband snapped a ton of pictures.

After hours wandering around, watching them start up motorcycles, talking to other visitors, as well as Andy - a volunteer from England who was a character, we went to the gift shop. We both got a T-shirt. The husband bought a sticker for his helmet, a year membership to support the museum and chances to win two motorcycles they are raffling off this year. We will definitely go there again. If anyone is in the area they should check it out. So cool!

We drove down the road and the husband told me about his visit to Ghost Town in the Sky when he visited there before we met.  Ends up it has been closed down, but is opening again this month. I told him we will have to check it out on the next visit.

Down the road was an observation tower. With an entrance fee of 50 cents a person I figured it would be fun. We climbed the 9 story tower and took photos.

We continues driving. The husband said he has heard of a oad called the Tail of the Dragon that a lot of bikers talk about. Ironically we ended up on it. It has 318 curves. The husband loved driving it. He wants to go back with his motorcycle.

It was after that drive that the husband announced his new collection - Harley-Davidson poker chips. I had seen them at the dealerships we have been to since he bought his bike. He said he wanted to start collecting. We made multiple stops that day and every other day on our trip.

We ended up eating chain restaurants the rest of the day (how boring), mainly since the husband was on a quest for poker chips - 4 in that day.

We found a cheap place to stay in Lake City, Tennessee since we were on our way towards our second Groupon stop. I have gotten quite good at navigating on my phone's GPS. I need to get better at using our car GPS so I won't use data. I do wish that my Google maps had different colored stars for saved places or a way to list them. I haven't been able to find an app I like for saving places i want to go to... yet.

P.S. The husband called our satellite TV company and got us upgraded (no extra cost). We now have the Velocity channel. we cab watch What's in the Barn? the TV show by the guy who runs the Wheels Through Time museum. We already watched a few episodes. How cool is that.

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