Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back to Thrifting

I wasn't thrifting for a while with the kitchen remodel and the puppies. I was also trying not to accumulate so much stuff. I rooted through the pictures I finally downloaded from my phone. 

We love this Pepsi menu board. The husband glued the Pepsi at the top. It lives on the wall in the dining room by the kitchen. We have been using it to count down to vacation. 

This isn't a thrift, but it is cute. We have seen the Disconnected K9s multiple times. We bought this glow in the dark Frisbee and an autographed used on. It's made out to all our pets. 

Finally a bowling ball bag for our growing collection of bowling balls. This beauty was $2. I love the pin that was on it with the pins and ball. 

 I had to get these Mr Peanuts. This reminds me I still haven't sent one to my niece. I keep sending her peanut stuff since she has a peanut tattoo. 
I found a bag of kitchen stuff at one of my favorite thrifts. How cute are the bottle openers. 

I bought 20 something records for 50 cents each. The Disney ones, like the Small World above will go to my Disney freak friend. I am keeping the Sesame Street ones. 

At a yard sale we happened upon a cart. Four wheels and $5. How could we not get it. We took it with us on our trip to a flea market and found the red bag that goes in it. The in-laws are using it when we aren't. How cool is that. 

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