Monday, December 9, 2013

Daytona Turkey Rod Run

I know, I have been on a car show trend lately. The husband seems to be checking out every car show in North Florida.


The weekend after Thanksgiving we had planned for a while to check out the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona. It takes place inside the Daytona speedway. Of course that makes for a HUGE. When we got there we saw a ton of people on sccoters. After walking for an hour and only getting 1/8 around the track we knew why.

We wandered around oohhing and aaahhhing all along. I killed the camera batteries early on. We also have a thing where the husband and the father in-law tell me they had that car and how little they paid. I keep telling them they are pissing me up.

Here are some of the highlights of what seemed like a 100 mile walk.

Next time a scooter and a wagon full of goodies. 

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