Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Float Finale

The parade float was weeks ago. The only excuse I can give is I was sick last week.

I learned a few things while doing the float.

1. The husband is good at designing and finding all the parts for the float. I didn't do too bad myself. We found most of the parts in the first weekend.

2. I am a horrible procrastinator still. We spend most of the day of putting the float together. The weather report said rain on the day before the parade. It didn't rain until the day of.

3. You really need a place to keep the float covered so you can work on it ahead.

4. I give up easy and the husband does not. I was ready to throw in the towel. He worked hard to get the truck that pulled the float back on the road. He kept working on the float down to the last minute. We actually made it there on time. There were people showing up after us.


5. Of course the judging is rigged. We don't know who won the competition. The photos were in the paper but nothing about who won. We still think we were in the top 5. I saw judges checking us out. I know they were thinking, how did they do that.

I mentioned to some friends about the float and I think they would want to work on one next year. I think with more people it would get done quicker and of course to start on it sooner.

Overall it was interesting. I found out I am good with a air staple gun. The husband was the belle of the parade with his light up hat. Overall it was fun.

And finally, here are some pictures, Remember this is a first time float and we took on a tough theme: A Christmas Story. Only a couple floats even had it on theirs.

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