Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vacation was Awesome! - Part 1

We went on a short vacation to Tennessee. I had been plotting and planning and researching and wondering where to go. We decided not to reserve a place to stay. Good thing since we left a day later than we thought we would. One of the dogs has been ill for some time. We ended up going for a few days.

We went to Chattanooga first. I had no idea it was only 6-7 hours away. We ended up buying the in-laws a set of 4 tires before we left so we had a tighter budget. We picked the things we wanted to see the most and tried to not spend too much on food or lodging.

We got there in the afternoon. We checked out the visitor's center and got some more info. Then we found a place to stay. I used google to find what was in the area. It even said the range of prices. I paid more than I wanted to but it was pricey right outside of town. I did find a good BBQ place down the road.

The Hickory Pit


The people were friendly and the food way good. The prices were reasonable. They had signs all over the place saying to rate them on ubanspoon. So I did. I would have eaten there again if I was there longer.

They are even on facbook:

The next day we went to the International Towing and Recovery Museum. The husband used to be a tow truck driver, so we had to go there.

This was a nice museum. We had fun walking around looking at so many tow trucks, tools, toys and history. It was $9 a person for the museum. The people running it were very nice. Here are some of the trucks. My favorite was the fastest tow truck. 

 The American/Canadian truck

Bottle nose

The tiny tow truck

O'Hare's tow truck

Then the Incline Railway. The husband picked it because he saw something on it on TV not long before the trip.

We enjoyed the backwards ride up. The views were amazing. I thought $15 a person was a bit high but they need to keep it up and all. We wandered around the top. Due to the government closer last week Point Park was closed. 

View from the top

We saw a road on the way up that we had to check out. The husband found the Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway on the map and we found the spot that crosses over the Incline Railway. It was awesome. I think I liked it just as much as the top of Lookout Mountain and it was free. I wish the store was open. It looked like it has a lot of character. 

We wandered across the street to Mr. T's Pizza & Ice Cream. It was just okay. The husband was proud of himself by finding a lunch deal. I loved the giant ice cream cone. 

View from the street up to the mountain

We want to go back to see Rock City and Ruby Falls. There are also tons of caverns around Tennessee. 

That evening we decided to drive to Nashville and stay the night there. But that is for part two of the trip. 

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