Sunday, October 27, 2013

McIntosh, FL - 1890 Festival 2013

When we were out at Payne's Prairie weeks back we saw the sign for the McIntosh 1890 festival. I had never been and it sounded cool. I even mentioned going at work and someone said it was huge and to bring something to tote your purchases.

An old sign 

They did not lie. It was packed with people. There were rows and rows of vendors. More arts & crafts than food. It was tough to walk there were so many people. They parked along the highway for miles. People and organizations charged for parking. We paid and parked at a school. At least the money goes to a good cause.

We wandered around but didn't buy anything. I was too busy thinking we could make the stuff we liked. The husband is not big at arts and crafts so we didn't stop at too many booths.

Photo: #mcintoshflorida #1890sfestival

I also like checking out what people were buying. A lot of plants, hand made stuff and iron art items. There were also a lot of people with dogs. I always say "We could have brought the dogs" at events. The husband always says, "No!"

We even checked out a couple of the McIntosh antique stores. The husband found a license plate for the 1976 Jeep he bought a couple weeks ago. I am amazed that we found it so quick. We only paid $3. Online they are pushing $20. I am excited to finally have a vehicle that is an antique. Antique registration is super cheap. With all the 1980s trucks the husband has it is only years away from them being an antique.

Photo: Look what we found Patrick Robertson

It was so crowded we figured we could check out the other antique stores on a different day. On the walk back to the car the husband saw a broke down truck blocking one of the lanes on that busy highway. Of course he helped push it out of the way. I am sure the owner and the police directing traffic appreciated it.

Then we had lunch at Sweet Mel's in Gainesville since it was close by and I still have a couple groupons for them that need to be used. It was the busiest we've seen the place since the Gators were playing. So the husband caught some of the game and had a big burger.

Then we went off to a few Gainesville thrift stores. At my favorite, the Haven Hospice Thrift, I found a poncho and an inflatable emergency marker for a car. Ends up it was never taken out of the plastic in the box. We looked online and only found one for sale and it was in the same condition - beat up box but never used.

After a couple more thrifts we came home with a 1950s aluminum jello mold and some books. It was a great day out and we did a lot. Next weekend has us on another adventure. The husband is very excited for a car show. 

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