Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekday Thrifting

I am still on the hunt for a new job. So far it's been slim pickings. One place has sent me on testing and last week fingerprints and drug testing (yet still no job offer). So since I left work early, it was still early after the drug test and since I was close to a couple good thrift stores in Gainesvillle... I was able to have a Monday afternoon thrift stop.

I went to the Salvation Army. It was blah. I found a macrame type plant hanger and a sweater. I am trying to bulk up my work wardrobe in case I ever get out of prison work and due to always wearing the same  thing every week.

Since it was right down the road I had to hit up my favorite Gainesville thrift store - Haven Hospice.


Inside I was not disappointed. I found something to go with the husband's collection of bowling pins - Bowling Balls! They looked neat. They has a great price. So I snagged them.

I also found a bunch of mostly 1980s games. They price was decent and well, I love supporting hospice.

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