Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Completed Goal - Selling

Although there is another week left in the month my selling year is at its end. I am proud to say that I sold 99 items in my first year of selling.

I started selling on Etsy in January this year. I didn't sell much. Then I started listing on Ebay more and more. I started listing on the loads of books that I have accumulated over the year, Ebay ended up being the majority of sales.

I didn't add up all the sales by money. I ended up using the Paypal money for a clock for my kitchen, two vacations and I am planning to take the money left in there right now to re-invest into buying items to sell.

I was hoping for selling 100 items. I am still amazed that I reached 99. I had no goal as far as number of sales or how much money I wanted to make. reselling was about trying something new, utilizing everything I have learned from other blogs. I wanted to give it a go. It helped out with money, getting better at how to sell online and decreasing the amount of stuff I have at home. Even though I have a shelf full of books to sell or give away I have plans for them. Online selling is a bit of a guessing game for me. We have bought things just to sell and they sold quickly and others are still in the sell pile.

I am excited about taking some profit money and going in search of deals. I like selling books and 8 tracks because they are so easy to ship. I LOVE media mail. I am getting better at packing and shipping other items. I have lost money a few times on inaccurate shipping costs. I am better at utilizing the free listings every month on Ebay. I am not at the status of opening a shop. I still want to trudge along and try to sell more.

The husband has been very helpful. He helps me mail the items during the week since my work hours changed to where I get off work at 5 and all the post offices are closed. He also has a good eye for items to resell. He is a bigger deal finder than I am. I am hoping to expand to items he is more knowledgeable about. 

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