Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Completed Goal - Painting

I know I already posted the end of the year 12 in 12 update. I got ahead of myself. We completed another goal. We painted! I have been pestering the husband about how easy it would be to paint the spare room/second bedroom since all I wanted to do with it is add a shelf around the room. Last weekend we bought half the brackets for the project. Since we were low on funds, things to do and had lots of time he started painting on Saturday after running errands.

We broke out the cans of paint to figure out what goes where. After separating the kitchen colors we decided on a color for the room. The husband decided to do an accent wall. So we decided on the lightest green with the accent wall a blue/green. We picked a blue/grey for the bathroom. We still have a sage can of paint for something in the future.

The husband got very into painting. He did most of it. He left the low parts for me. It didn't take long after he cleaned the walls, pulled the nails and used the Spackle. It looks great. The husband kept saying how much he likes the accent wall with the green. I told him that was my present from him. It is the ideal gift and something we had been planning since we moved.

I am hoping to have the money in the next payday to get the wood and the rest of the brackets for the shelf. It will go around the room. It is taking the place of the large shelves that were in the room. They will hold our many cars and the board games. It should be able to fit toys and maybe the hand puppets I have in a box right now. Maybe some of our vintage electronics will fit up there as well. I won't know until it is up.

I am very excited that the room is coming together. I am trying to talk the husband into getting rid of the small bed that is in the room. We don't have guests, although my oldest niece says she wants to visit in the summer. I am trying to convince him we could use the air mattresses if we have visitors or find something that fits better in there.

Once the shelf is up, everything can be arranged and the curtains can be hung. I cannot wait until it comes all together. Then to get the closet organized. The husband's tools, camping stuff and odds and ends are in there.

I haven't been able to get a good picture of the small room with the paint. I will try once we have it complete. The paint looks different in different light and at different times of day.

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