Sunday, August 31, 2014

Local Food: Tom's Real Pit BBQ, Keystone Heights, FL

I realized I haven't written as much about food lately (one of my favorite things). So I thought, what have I eaten lately. I don't think I have written about where we eat after a big trip to the dump.

In the land of BBQ there are a lot of choices. We usually find a local BBQ where we live to eat. We used to drive to Lawty to eat at Fat Jack's, but they closed years back. It's tough to keep a restaurant at that location (the middle of a nationally known speed trap). When we lived in Middleburg we ate at Stone E Cabin BBQ on CR 218.

(How is there NOT a web site or photo I can borrow online for Stone E Cabin?)
Of you in the Burg check them out.

Old School Logo

Our go to chain BBQ place is Sonny's. The husband loves that Sonny's and himself both started the same year. The restaurants are consistent - good food, good service and good prices.

We tried Dickey's BBQ when they opened, but were very disappointed. The food was not good and the prices were high. We rarely see more than a couple cars in their parking lot.

It may have been years back, we saw a sign for the future site of a BBQ place. It took a long time for a building to follow that sign and the name changed, but this year we got Tom's BBQ not that far from us.

We checked it out after a trip to the dump a while back (it is across the street from the dump, or trash drop off dumpsters, but there is a high fence to block the view). It was good. We have gone back a couple times since - once when we were not dumping trash. We went there today when the husband offered to buy the father in-law and I lunch for going with him to take the trash.

Every time I have tried something new - pork, brisket and this time a salad. They give so much food we all took some home. The husband got the three meat plate and took most of it home. The father in-law tried the sausage dog. It was huge. My large salad was too big for me to finish. I added pork because, well it's a BBQ place and I need vegetables yet I need BBQ.

The prices aren't too bad. Tom's seems to have a lot of events - for holidays and car shows. The parking lot is HUGE. They have drive thru service. They have indoor and outdoor seating. It is rustic and country decor inside and out. Most times we have gone they have a bounce house. They always have more than enough people working there. The service is fast. The food is yummy!

Check out their next event..

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