Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation 2014 - Day 5

Our next stop was Chattanooga and Rock City. We have never been there. It was old and kitchy, so it had to get on the list. It was cute and I was amazed at how they fit so much into that space. We enjoyed the walk, the scenery, the foliage and the gnomes. 

After the morning roaming Rock City we found a place to have BBQ finally. Hillbilly Willie BBQ was good. I expected something more back woods from the description. The BBQ was good and the spicy sauce made my mouth tingle. We had the coke cake for desert, which we rarely get desert. I was hopped up on sugar for hours.

We ended up traveling to a few more Harley-Davidson dealers for poker chips and ended up in Georgia by night. I think we were very road weary. 

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