Sunday, March 2, 2014

Food, Thrift and a First Birthday

The other week it was another last minute use of the half off deal.

Seven Bridges

We have been there before, so when I saw the half off deal, $40 for $20 I had to grab it. I figure we will end up on Jacksonville at some point. With their prices and the beer they brew I thought it wouldn't be tough to spend $40. I was wrong.

The husband had one beer. He ended up with free soup since they kept forgetting it. We both had burgers. We ended up getting desert and that only had us at $38. I guess we should have ordered a full meal.

It was good. The burgers are delicious. They must use the best meat. YUM!

Jax Bargain Pickers

I saw someone like them on Facebook. I looked at their posted and thought, hmmmm, interesting. We went there and it wasn't for us. The tree limbs brushing on the metal building was the creepiest and coolest thing there.

1st Birthday

Then it was off to the cutest boy's birthday. Even after being stuffed at lunch we , of course, found room for Publix birthday cake. 

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