Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frugal Thrifting

We had another half off deal from Big Lou's and time was running out. We invited the newly in their own place, nephew and his GF. We were stuffed. Sicilian filled us up. The garlic rolls were very good, soft and crunchy.

I had worked on getting rid of the unsold items that remained since I stopped listing on eBay. A bunch of 8 tracks I wasn't into, games, scarves left from our float and that Ralphie wig. Since I was in Gainesville I took it all to donate to my favorite good organization thrift - Haven Hospice.

I have never donated there since we usually hit my old local favorite, The ARC. Since they closed we have to travel further for a good cause. The back of the Haven Hospice Thrift was a huge area. I wouldn't have guessed.

Of course after donated we had to go inside. The husband found a roulette wheel in a case for $5. Him and his ambitions to be a casino owner. So many poker chips, so many cards.

I didn't find anything. Since I am not looking to resell I have gotten super picky. Plus we still have so much stiff, who needs more.

After lunch we went to the Children's Home Society thrift. I have a half off Groupon for them, but didn't find anything good. I have $20 to spend. Last time the husband did the picking. I have until June. I am sure I will find something by them or else give it to the nephew.

The husband found what looked like a raccoon tail on a key chain in a pile of stuffed animals. I told him that he should get it since he has a camo/woodland bedroom. He went to buy it and the cashier said "Where did you find that?" After he explained she said, "Just take it." Maybe it weirded her out. It was quite big. Must have been a huge raccoon or something larger. Score! The husband always gets things for free. How does he do it.

Since it was still the afternoon I asked him if we could go by the Habitat Restore in Gainesville. I swear this place is half books. I didn't even look at them since I gave away a stack of books, I still have more to go through to get rid of and well, like I read much anymore. I checked out the color codes for the day's discounts. Then I found a sharpening stone that looks like it's holder than both of us and a GE iron in the box with the receipt from 1974. 

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