Sunday, February 23, 2014

The 1600s in St Augustine

Weeks ago we had coupons to two tourist attractions in St Augustine. I am always up for a trip to the oldest city.


Colonial Quarter

They have redone the Colonial Quarter. It is a cute walk through representation of life in St Augustine from the 1600s to the 1800s. The guide, in period attire, Grimm, was excellent. Entertaining, funny and informative.There was a small group of people. I especially liked the blacksmith shop. They also have a tower. What a beautiful view of so much of downtown St Augustine.

We also had ice cream because we always get ice cream there. The husband had a pigeon as a best friend with his waffle cone.


The Fountain of Youth

I couldn't recall going  there before. My friend says I went there when we were teens. I think I have a vague memory.

The husband had never been. I snap up 50% off coupons for interesting attractions that we've never been to. First thing we noticed were the peacocks when you walk in. They have peacocks and also white peacocks. The white peacocks were posing on cannons. They know they like getting their picture taken.

Then we drank from the fountain. It tasted like regular well water from around here.

Next was the planetarium. I vaguely remember being there before.

Then the Globe Theater. These small old buildings were so cool because it was like a trip back in time. Imagine all the people who have been in there. If I had a good memory, it is probably just as when I was there in the 80s.

Then there were gun and cannon demonstrations. That was cool and loud. We wandered around. It was a sweet, quiet and laid back tourist spot. I bought a magnet and a t-shirt.

Of course when I am in St Augustine I have to go by the Converse Outlet store. I actually found a new pair of Chucks. I got a bunch of compliments on them.


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