Sunday, January 5, 2014

Attainable Goals for 2014

I I thought, instead of making a 14 in 14 list, like the past couple years, why not make a list of things I can actually do and that are already on my To Do list for myself. I made this list last week and I have already done one of the things on the list: 


     Go to a destination in Tennessee

Go to a destination in Georgia

Go to a state park

Make 5 recipes from my overloaded Pinterist boards

Read 5 books

Take a day without computer or phone

Go to one tourist destination in FL that I have never been to   Gatorland! Post to come

Go to Silver Springs because the husband has never been (and it's free entramce)

Find a couch

Paint at least one wall

Make my own laundry detergent

Go camping for more than one night

Make a holiday tradition

Give away things at least 5 times

Ride my bike 5 times

Volunteer or give to an organization 3 times

Make a craft project

     Go on a girl's trip

     See a drag show


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