Sunday, June 24, 2012

Save some $

I read far too many blogs. I was checking out The Nonconsumer Advocate’s post about 50 Ways to Save Money. Now.

It made me think of how many ways I save money. Not that I am an authority of how to save or much of anything else. I figured I would work on my own list from hers and add my own. Katy’s are still in black. Mine are in red. All of them I do.

50 Ways to Save Money. Now.
by KATY on JUNE 21, 2012 ·

1.    Always look for the deals on groceries etc. Store brands are just as good. Know your prices. Also join free savings clubs etc.
2.   Vacation close to home so you can drive instead of fly.
3.   Give to thrift stores. Better than throwing away and someone else can save money.
4.   Recycle. Cans can be turned in for cash. Many items can be recycled to save the earth.
5.   Choose a hairstyle that does not require frequent trims.
6.   Repair instead of replace. This goes for appliances, furniture, clothing, whatever.
7.   Borrow infrequently used tools and supplies instead of buying. (Also make sure to lend.)
8.  Bank at a credit union instead of a corporate bank. You’ll most likely save on fees.
9.   Wear the clothes you already own instead of buying new stuff all the time.
10.  Cook from scratch and save restaurant meals for special occasions (I am not good with not going out to eat at least once a week).
11. Make sure you have a few easy meals on hand for those nights when takeout dinner is calling your name. There’s nothing wrong with serving scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.
12. Buy items that are not disposeable, that can be cleaned or used again and again. I have a mop that can be washed in a washer.
13. Foster your relationships with like minded friends. They won’t make you feel bad about sticking to a budget.
14. Pack your own work and school lunches.
15. Replace expensive recipe ingredients with inexpensive options.
16. Don’t be a snob about older electronics. You will survive without the newest iPhone.
17. Learn how to mend and de-stain your clothing. If half your wardrobe is out of commission, you’re missing out.
18. Batch your errands whenever you drive.
19. Drink water or homemade iced tea instead of soda.
20. Know how the sales run in the grocery stores. Chicken and beef on sale different weeks, periodically veggies etc.
21. Follow a budget.
22. Pay attention to your household’s food waste. Eat what you have, and stop buying the food that you tend to waste. (I don’t waste food. Leftovers always are in the fridge if the boys don’t eat it all)
23. Be willing to own less stuff. There’s less to buy, organize, clean and look at.
24. Go through what you have periodically to reduce and what can be given away or sold.
25. Eat at in-laws house one dinner a week.
26. Take advantage of your town’s free offerings. Parks, hikes, concerts, plays, it’s all there! (I love festivals cause they are FREE)
27. Don’t assume that all coupons are for junk food. There are tons of great coupons for pasta, organic food and healthy products. Keep an open mind. (I don’t use a lot of coupons, but I try to improve on this all the time)
28. Sell unused items online.
29. Sign up for payment plan with electric company.
30. Pay bills online to save a stamp.
31. Learn to use a paintbrush. Outdated furniture and kitchen cabinets can gain a modern vibe for thousands less than buying new. And chances are that your old stuff is better constructed than new stuff anyway. (I love to use spray paint to revive old things)
32. Switch companies to make a deal, such as cable or cell phones etc.
33. Shop at the grocery store with a list so not to increase cost with extras.
34. Have inexpensive hobbies and interests.
35. Have days you stay home. Save gas, money and utilize what you already have – recorded shows, Netflix, board games, video games.
36. Store your leftovers in see-through containers. You’ll be less likely to forget about what lurks in your fridge.
37. Don’t feel bad about accepting other people’s generosity. You can reciprocate in your own way.
38. Don’t be fooled into thinking that expensive shampoos, cosmetics and body products are better than the cheap-o stuff.
39. Turn down your hot water heater, furnace and air conditioner. You will adjust.
40. Only stock up on cheap deals if it’s something that you use frequently.
41. Embrace second hand items. Thrift stores are your best friend. (YES!)
42. Learn to say no to your kids. (the nephew and husband should count for this one)
43. Don’t hire out what you can do for yourself. Mow your own lawn, clean your own house and cook your own food. (We do not pay for any of these services. The husband does all home and car repairs.)
44.  Adopt a mixed-breed pet instead of buying a purebred animal. Or if your have to have a pure breed, look into a rescue organization that specializes in that dog. (All our pets are mutts, the best kind)
45. Don’t live in the city and have to pay for water and sewage.
46.  Allow for imperfection in your life. Your house is not a magazine and your kitchen is not a restaurant.
47.  Live in an area with lower property taxes.
48.  Get a car with good gas mileage and that is dependable.
49. Ignore The Joneses. Chances are that they’re deeply in debt from all their conspicuous consumption.
50. Read frugality blogs like The Non-Consumer Advocate for ideas and inspiration! (I read lots of blogs for hints. I am always willing to learn.)

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