Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes, I admit it. I have an obsession with the Mini Cooper. It started with one sized down version that sat on my desk for a few years. I actually bought my own. I designed it and it was a work of art. I remember the first scratch. It was silver with a black top. It was my spy mobile. Then I was given a hot wheels version of my car. Someone else game me another. Then I met the husband. He started buying them every time he saw a small version of my car in every color they came in and in varying sizes. The collection grew and grew.

I stopped counting once my Mini collection got over 30. After a while you loose track of which ones you have. I am guilty of buying doubles. The great thing about Hot Wheels/Matchbox are only about one dollar in most stores. How can you not get something that only costs a buck.

Then Mini had to go and come up with newer versions. The Clubman. Bigger, longer, better. Ah. It looked odd. Now they come out with The Countryman. I am not sure where they get these names. But the Countryman looks like a beefier version of the Mini with 4 doors and optional 4 wheel drive. Although I am not anywhere near buying a new car (had to trade the Mini in for something more reasonable) this one is catching my eye. But I am a sucker for looks. That's how the original Mini got me.

Plus with the new version of the Mini comes new advertising. Mini is well known for their humorous ads, billboards and commercials. These new commercials are more subtle and kind of funny.


Three men and a Baby. Not as hilarious as someone thought when they made it. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif


Suishi. I still don;t get the point of the center rail, except in this commercial.


Flight attendant. This one is good since when a Mini gets going you feel like flying.

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