Monday, January 17, 2011

What is wrong with me?

I have a problem. Ever since I moved. Ever since I decided not to go back to school. Ever since I started thinking about what to do with this house. Ever since the husband works weekends and nights and I have nothing better to do than numb my brain online... I have been looking at a bunch of home decorating sites, shopping online and looking at pictures of home stuff. Maybe it is just nesting. Maybe it is just because I want this house (the rooms I get to decorate) to look better than my last house. Maybe it is because I picked out a sage green for the living room and it just snow balled from there. I have this retro/1960s/mid century modern thing going.

I worry about myself. I have never been all chick-like and into interior design. At my house I only painted one room and it was gray. I know what you're thinking - SWEET. And it had checkered black and white tile floors. That was my decorating experience. So when after we moved out of my house into the "had to be cleaned out a second time" house of the husband. We removed the renters pile of junk and it was a clean slate. My father in-law, the ultimate handyman, said we should paint before moving in. I finally got the sage green I wanted in my living room. We used the left over "malted milk" paint from my house and the husband picked out a "chocolate truffle" brown trim color. Thus became the Milk Dud dining room. That led to a search for a chocolate scented candle (which was found 6 months later in a North Carolina Bass Pro Shop).

Anyway, I put up my posters, which ironically all but one is from a movie from the 1960s. That got me going on the 1960s living room. At the old house I wanted a 1960s bedroom since a friend gave me the furniture and it was from the '60s. I was already cool with the '60s even though I wasn't even born then. I do like the style and having things that are weathered and interesting. That explains the allure of the husband :)

So I have been thinking more about what to put in the living room to go with this 1960s theme. I have been talking about my parent's console radio/record player/reel to reel. Then we check out the Salvation Army that is always closed when we drive by it. They had a 60s console stereo/turntable. It was priced at $60. I thought, too much money. Then we went to the Habitat Re-Store and they had much uglier console stereos for much more money. I wanted to go back and buy the first console I had seen. I couldn't since we were in the small car and I don;t have money to throw around on my hair brained design schemes. But I have been thinking about it ever since. I tried looking up web sites for console stereos. Not much luck. I did find some cool pictures of some. I have yet to go back for it even though I have convinced myself that it was a good deal and I know exactly where to put it.

Yet at the ReStore I found a cool 60s looking hanging light - amber colored glass. I did buy that. The husband had to remind me that we are putting a fan/light in the living room, but he thought it would be cool as a decoration. I bought it. We took it home and plugged it in to see if it worked. Of course it blew a breaker and popped its cord, leaving a smoldering smell behind. The husband says he could rewire it easy. I was happy to hear that.

Well, back to my obsession. I continue to look at design sites, I watch far too many remodeling your home shows on TV. I actually enjoyed going to the Good Will and Salvation Army stores looking for finds. I just hope I don;t get into fashion next. Like that would happen. The husband has been more into design too. Since we moved to his house he has been able to bring his long awaited design idea to the master bedroom. After the layoff he got a gig at a home improvement store. It was there that he found Mossy Oak paneling. He paneled all the walls of the bedroom (and covered that stupid third window). It is like sleeping in the forest. There is talk of making the ceiling like the night sky and the carpet a green forest floor color. Thank goodness we already had the antler candle holder.

Maybe I am not too crazy, just a chick trying to make a new home their own. I just worry about how much of my net time it is taking :)

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