Monday, May 6, 2013

Two museums in One Day!

Last week the coupons/Groupons hit again.

I bought a 4 person pass to the Butterfly and Titanboa exhibits at the Gainesville science museum - the Florida Museum of Natural History. We took the nephew and his girlfriend.

Rainforest theme - Florida Natives - exhibit promo

I have been to the Butterfly Rainforest, but the husband had not. It was fun.The butterflies landed on the nephew. I move too much and must not smell sweet enough to get their attention.

The husband compared Titanboa to our trip to Graceland - disappointing. He thought it was a live gigantic snake. Poor husband. I would say it is not worth the regular price unless you have someone who is obsessed to giant snakes. There wasn't much to it.


We all had fun wandering around, looking at strange bugs and past gigantic Sloths and Armadillos that roamed the land.

After the world of science we went to the Harn Art Museum next door. It was larger than I expected and had a wide variety of art. Plus it is FREE. 

After art and nature we were hungry. I had a groupon for four people so we knew it was a day to use it. We went downtown to Sweet Mel's. 


Most of the reason I got this deal was due to the large variety of burgers on the menu. This bar/restaurant has a eating challenge, but the husband declined. He did get the biggest burger they have - The Boss. This footlong burger comes on a hoagie roll. He definitely didn't complain about being hungry after that.

The nephew tried the mac and cheese burger. His girlfriend has the Philly Hump. I had the grill cheese burger. Although it was too much bread for a sandwich, it was definitely different. The burger was in between two full size grill cheese sandwiches. I did decide the way to take the burger to the next level would be to put bacon in each of the grill cheese sandwiches.

I also tried the Hell fries. Fries in buffalo sauce with cheese and jalapenos on top. It was good. My mouth was warm. The others had the Black & Tan Onion Rings. I tried on and they were good.


It was a big day out for us. We finished the day off by going to ToysRUs. 

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