Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week Before Last...

Live Oak and places south...

We went to the Live Oak Sherrif's Boys Ranch Thrift store and the new flea market next door. The husband finally found a milk jug. He has been wanting one for a while.

I found a copy of a book I already have. It is about the worst prison riot ever, New Mexico in 1980. It's a scared straight story for work. 

The husband found more poker chips. It is an addiction. 

I found this cool tin Chinese Checkers/Checkers game. The colors are great. 

We had to buy this Golf Billards game. It hasn't been used. It joined the pile of golf items in the closet. It was only $5. See the original price was $29.99. Good deal. 

We wandered south. Ended up in Chiefland, FL at Bett's Big T restaurant. They were friendly, great service, good prices and great food. Plus the other half of this cool old former service station was a antique store. 

It was a lovely day of wandering and checking out thrift and antique stores.

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