Sunday, February 17, 2013

A couple weeks ago... Alachua

A couple weeks ago...

Since the husband and I are short on funds until payday we decided to take a short day out and not go too far. We spent most of our money on mailing off packages and then headed to the town that the University of Florida built.

I have never been a fan of Gainesville. In all the years I have lived in Florida I rarely gone there. Since meeting the husband I have been going there now and then. He used to deliver in Gainesville and knows the ins and outs.

Today was like most visits... we went to our top thrift spots. We went to Children's Home Society.

I bought a cool old loaf pan. It looks like this one...

The husband found Cypress Gardens 25th anniversary playing cards. You never know what a handful of change will get ya. 

Then we wandered through Alachua. I took some pictures along Main Street. 

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