Monday, October 25, 2010

High Fallutin

A month later and still no part 2 on the vacation. The vacation feels further and further away every day. The things from vacation don't even stay with me. Like how on vacation I tried new things. Ok, the other day I tried Cervici, the Peruvian dish, however it is spelled. But that has been it lately.

On vacation I did not watch TV. Now you all know that was blown to hell five minutes after getting home. And it is not as if I watch quality stuff. Still watching Jersey Shore and feeling dirty and wrong afterward, not unlike the people on the show, the people filming it and especially MTV. I still watch too many versions of The Real Housewives. Since when are these women housewives? I started recording my "cultural" program this week - The CBS Early Show. Yup, in redneck country that show is pretty high fallutin.

On vacation I read 2 books. Since vacation I haven't read more than a news article or a magazine. My pile of books remains. So sad.

On vacation I went lots of interesting places. Since vacation I have been in the same area. Not really going anywhere but home, work and the store.

The husband has divised a new thing... Movie Monday. I got tired of watching movies I already saw this week and that is where I am now, outside on a partially screened porch typing since the internet doesn't work in the house (and barely on the porch). At least I am not stealing the neighbors internet, at the moment.

ON vacation I figured when I got home I could use my free time, since I didn't go to get the doctorate, to study topics I always wanted to know more about (and not pay thousands for a degree). I know more about celebrities and Swamp People than psychology topics now.

And what have a learned as I typed for 15 minutes....

That vacations rock and regular life doesn't. Ok, that sounds pathetic. I think I need to get on a better schedule of things to do, not go on facebook so much, read a book, write more and stick to my guns on things I want to do. Movie Mondays is one step. Now to get a cool name for the other days...

Tuesdays with Books
Wednesday Game Night
Thursday Study

ugh, how can you top Movie Monday.

I think I will go in and pick up a book before TV and the internet rot my brain further.

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