Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Few Months Later...

Man, what a few months can do for ya.

I moved. I rented my house to folks who couldn't pay on time the first month.

I came within a week of starting the doctorate and changed my mind after wrestling with it for months and being ready (except for the renter money need to travel).

I went on an awesome vacation to New Mexico.

I swear I gained 20 more pounds.

I changed job locations, but do the same exact job.

I bought my first jump drive.

I read a few books.

I started being less stressed and more calm.

My husband was laid off.

We wish we could move to New Mexico. Maybe it was the high altitude making me so dizzy or the beautiful scenery.

My mother might have Hepatitis A.

My oldest niece got all teenager on me and isn't texting anymore.

My sister neglected to tell me she left the country the other month (I am sure she left her kids alone).

My cat is regressing and pooping in the wrong places.

I had to move all my stuff after not moving in 10 years.

I realized that I don't have a lot of clothes, but I have a lot of heavy books.

I decided on a design scheme for the house - 40s dining room. 60s living room. 50s kitchen. The husband claims the master bedroom and bathroom. They will be urban camo and Gators respectively.

I was told I talk like a Valley Girl last week.

Ok, that is mainly what I just thought of. Most everything else is the same - watching too much TV and reading the news on my lunch break. I have been arguing with the husband more. Of course there has been a lot happening and a lot of stress. I just call him on it when he is acting like he has the cranky pants on. What more can I do? He doesn't like to admit grumpy/crankiness and being understanding isn't always working.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. The husband is on the job hunt. I read more on vacation than since I have been back. I want to read more. I am also working on getting chores done during the week so I won't feel bogged down on the weekends. I am also working on hunting up a second gig since money is so short now. I also want to write more. I am great at putting that off.

So here I have been playing online for hours while hanging at the in-laws. We went to the flea market trying to find a screen door for the porch since yesterday the husband and father in-law up and screened the porch. All we need is a door. No deals there so we are going to build one. I know, with what money? If the renters pay their rent next week it is on.

We ended up here all day. We ate dinner and then the late Gator game has us still here. The laptop I bought for school keeps me busy while I am here. I did manage to play games, read a cool blog about houses, look at stuff advertised on the TV (laptop skins) and generally screw around, I thought in the fourth quarter of the game how I ought to pull up the old blog.

My eyes are going wacky from staring at the screen all day. So here is the cool house blog...

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