Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Edition

Here in Florida we had a lot of wind and clouds Friday and Saturday. So what should the husband and I decide to do this Saturday... why, go to the beach.

Actually we had a Groupon that was about to run out so we had to go to the coast. We meandered to Fernandina Beach. First thing we did was, of course, eat. I had checked my Google Local for what was available in the area and marked a few places. We decided on Tasty's for lunch.

This converted gas station was not bad. The husband had his usual double burger with bacon. I had a Chicago dog, which I never order hot dogs. We shared the Italian Parmesan fries. The fries were seasoned and covered in an odd version of marinara sauce - it was chunky tomatoes and very heavy with the onions, plus sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. It was surprisingly good.

I liked their bathroom decor. 

We stopped at the beach and watched the huge waves, the people flying kites and the handful of surfers. We took a ton of pictures of everything. We tried to take pictures of the surfers riding a wave. That sure is tough.

Princess kite

Then we went to the Putt-Putt of Fernandina and found no one there. When we called the number listed on the Groupon it stated that they didn't open until 2 pm. Plan B.

We wandered down the road to check out the state park. Fort Clinch was a state park we have never been to. After a $6 entrance fee per carload, we wandered towards towards the pier. We stopped at the beach first. After walking along a long and recently built pier, we went down to the shell strewn beach. We stayed away from the water, but walked to the edge. It was very windy but cool.

Then we went to the half mile fishing pier. There was only one person fishing. We did manage to see him reel in a large fish. We walked to the end, enjoyed the scenery and watched the waves splash the rocks. Okay, it was more like bombarding. My hair was in knots from all the wind. We were also the only ones not all bundles up in a jacket. 

From the fishing pier

Rocks by the pier

We drove over to the actual Fort. We chose not to pay another $2 per person to go inside, but walked around the exterior. It was night on the waters edge. Fort Clinch is huge. You could see several buildings inside the walls. There were a ton of cannons all around it. 

Fort Clinch

Through the window

Then we went to play miniature golf. The Putt-Putt was not worth the trip. There was no challenge, the holes were very basic. The husband usually kicks my butt  at mini golf. To make it more challenging for him he started playing with one hand behind his back and standing on one leg. The goofball.

We ended the night at Walmart. I really don;t need to go there but every other week. They get too much money out of me.

Today is a beautiful day. All of the windows and doors are open. I managed to finally cook the loaded potato soup recipe I found earlier this week. It is too nice to do all the chores. The husband is immersed in NASCAR as usual. The dogs spent most of the day outside.

I also got my new/refurbished phone in the mail this week. Fortunately the SD card saved my photos. I had to download my apps and I still need to add my phone numbers. I enjoyed not having a phone. I don't get calls much, mainly texts occasionally. I mainly use my apps on the weekends, for maps and navigation. The new phone has no scratches and it seems to work better than the old phone. More than I wanted to spend, but cheaper than the other options. The husband is happy because I was using his phone for the maps etc when mine died. 

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