Sunday, November 28, 2010

No to Yuppies

That reminds me. My father in-law called me a yuppie a few weeks back. My husband thought I was gonna snap. We often joke about how his sister is a yuppie (but one I like) with her fancy coffee maker, her trips far from her house to a fancy supermarket just to get a deal on wine and her general yuppie lifestyle.

The father in-law, a character in his own right since he has been blackballed (not literally) from urologists in this area and his tendency to curse people out in stores, meant that I was a yuppie due to the fact that him and the husband fix everything (from cars to the house) themselves, while I had people do it for me. I know, not my definition, but at least it wasn’t as insulting as saying I shop at upscale stores, overpaying for labels, driving a status car and drinking wine cause it is trendy.

I like to think I am not a yuppie at all. I am sure some will object. I may be upwardly mobile in my career choice/degrees obtained. I used to drive a Mini Cooper. As opposed to the husband, I have heard of Crate & Barrel (but in my defense I don’t think I have been to one). I do not wear name brands (unless Wal-Mart’s brand counts). I only wear Converse All Star Hi Top shoes. I do not get my “hair done” (actually it’s been 3 years since someone I paid for someone else to cut it).

Yet I am not the extreme the husband is, a self-proclaimed redneck. I wince at this thought since it brings up negative images. He does like to wear camouflage. He just camouflaged the bedroom (I told him years back that he could decorate the bedroom since it was my stuff everywhere else in the house). The funny thing is he admits he hasn’t hunted in 20 years. I joke when I see other people in camo that those are “his people.” The thing is they are a culture all to themselves. I own no camo clothing except for that hat he gave me.

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